Elevation 647.6

Frequency 123.00

(815) 622-FLY-1 (3591)


At the Whiteside County Airport  KSQI

*quantity discounts available*

100LL available in

Self-Serve and Full-Serve

Both Jet A and 100LL are only

available at the ground station

100LL Self-Serve: $3.99

100LL Full-Serve: $4.19

 Jet A w/Additive



Fuel Prices

Welcome to the Whiteside County Airport, located in Rock Falls, Illinois.

The Whiteside County Airport is owned by Whiteside County

and operated by M & M Aviation Services, Ltd.


Our friendly, courteous service and competitive fuel prices make

the Whiteside County Airport the best fuel stop to avoid

high prices and traffic around the Chicago area.

Stop in and visit us and fly safe!